How to Write a Journal

This slide deck gives you nine tips for how to write great journal entries.


Free Bar Exam Outlines

Here is a quick video about why it can be helpful to review bar exam outlines prepared by past bar exam passers.

Below the video are links to free MBE, New York, California, and Oregon bar exam outlines.



Bar Exam In a Couple Days

A quick post to let you know I am sending positive thoughts your way as you wrap up your preparations for the February 2014 bar exam.

Here are a couple of posts that might be of interest to you:
You have worked hard, now go in there and show the bar exam who's boss.


Bar Exam Advice from the NFL

I just found an interesting article discussing football intelligence.

But, it is a quote from former NFLer Oliver Luck -- dad to Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts -- that is relevant here. 

Oliver Luck took the Texas bar exam. He recalls his bar exam experience this way:
“I remember distinctly sitting for the Texas bar exam after I finished law school,” he recalled. “There were maybe five hundred people in there. People were sighing and groaning. A guy one table away from me suddenly lost it. I wanted to tell him, ‘Suck it up! You can do it!’ The way I would in the huddle. I was focused. I knew how to work through that test.” 
Make of that what you will.



2014 California Bar Exam Predictions

If you are into bar exam predictions, these are good videos to watch.

I always like to post these from Dr. Saccuzzo when they come out.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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