Blogging while you study? No.

"Who begins too much accomplishes little." -- German Proverb

Before we get into how to study for the bar exam, I thought I'd cover the topic of blogging during bar exam study.

I have noticed that a substantial number of people write blogs at the same time that they are studying for the bar examination. These blogs tend to be filled with study tips, rants against state bar examiners, links to other bar-exam bloggers, and angst. Here is a link to my favorite bar exam blog that I used to read after a long day of studying for the California Bar.

I will now lay down rule #1: do not blog (publicly) about the bar exam until AFTER you have passed it.

Why do I say this? To begin with, a blog requires lots of psychic energy to maintain. When you draft a post, you want it to be interesting, well-written, and timely. You worry about it before you send it off into the blogosphere where anyone can read it. When you are studying for the bar examination, you do not have time for such a distraction and drain of mental resources.

Next, constant and public worry about failing the bar exam (which is what the majority of these bar-exam blog posts contain) will begin to infiltrate your mind and create an expectation of failure. You may not believe it, but it is true. And, guess what, if you fail, you'll be able to continue blogging about how much you hate the bar exam and your loyal readers will keep reading your posts. This is a sick form of codependency.

Now, I will say that journaling can be a good stress release and can help you with the visualizations you will need to pass the bar exam. (I'll discuss these ideas in future posts.) Therefore, I only condone blogging if you keep the blog private. In other words, set up your blog, post all of your angry rants and angst-ridden soliloquies, but do not make them available to anyone else. Then, when you pass the examination, you can decide whether or not you want to go public with your posts. I realize this does not create the gratification of getting multiple comments per post (I am not immune to this simple pleasure), but your goal is not simple pleasure. Your goal is to become a lawyer. That is not a simple task, and it demands diligence and attention to detail.

So, if you don't have a blog yet, don't start one. If you do have a bar exam blog, go to your settings panel and put it on private. Or, better yet, put it on private and then forget about it until after you take the exam. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

very smart man

Anonymous said...

Given the proliferation of blogs, law schools would be wise to provide students with this advice.

Great post.

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