The current (2009) job market.

The Bar Advisor knows that everyone is worried about the job market in 2009 -- the year of our Lord's Slaughter of the Innocent. I wish that I had something inspirational and soothing to say to you, but I do not. This is a tough time. The Bar Advisor has been through some tough times in his life: financial and personal. The best advice I can give is that you should do your best to survive.

It is important for you to pass the bar.

Even if you have some misgivings about wanting to become a lawyer and whether you will be able to find a job as a lawyer when you pass the bar, you must study diligently and pass the bar. Passing the bar will give you yet another option when you are looking for a job to survive the next couple of years.

If you are one of the many people who have become disillusioned by lawyers and the law after attending law school for three years (NOTE: the Bar Advisor knew many people like this at his law school and, from time to time, counts himself among them), then view this financial bloodbath as an opportunity for you to make a change. Few people will question/blame you for not getting a job in this financial climate. You can strike out on your own and do that THING that you always wanted to do.

You may have always dreamed about becoming a lawyer and receiving a nice fat paycheck, but dreams, sometimes, have to adapt to circumstances. Do not be depressed. Do not get down on yourself. This is not your fault. Be proactive. Study hard, pass the bar, and then do something. Maybe you will get a job as a lawyer, maybe you will start a business, maybe you will work at a coffee shop. Whatever it is that you will do, do it well and proudly.

Bar Advisor was a janitor while he was in college. People often treated Bar Advisor poorly when he was a janitor because they thought he was a f*ck-up and a loser who could do no better than to work as a janitor; they did not know that Bar Advisor was on track to graduate cum laude from his undergraduate institution; they did not know that many of the janitors with whom Bar Advisor worked were intelligent people who cared about the world and their families. Do not let what other people think affect you.

Be strong.

Move forward.


For more advice on the current job market (with a special focus on those of you seeking employment with BigLaw), see the blog Hiring Partner's Office.


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