Free Oregon Bar Exam Outlines

Here are my Oregon bar exam outlines. As with my California bar exam outlines, these outlines are free for your non-commercial use and you can pass them along to others for any non-commercial purpose.

I make no guarantees that anything in these outlines is correct. It is possible that the law has changed, so don't rely on these outlines as your only study resource. These outlines were prepared for the July 2006 Oregon bar exam.

Administrative Law (state and federal)

Civil Procedure (state and federal)

Constitutional Law

Contracts and UCC

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure


Evidence (state and federal)

Federal Taxation


Secured Transactions


Wills and Trusts


In addition to the full-blown outlines, I am including my "checklists." The checklist is a BarBri idea. You pare down your knowledge into a short (ideally 1 page max) list. Then, during the last couple of week of study, you just review the checklists and fill in all the detail with your memorized information. It is actually a really good method to see how much you truly have memorized. If you are just starting to study, I am sure you can't believe that these meager lists convey any information at all, but I assure you that, if you study well, these lists are all that you will need in the final days before the exam.

Administrative Law Checklist

Agency Checklist

Civil Procedure Checklist

Constitutional Law Checklist

Contacts/UCC Checklist

Corporations Checklist

Criminal Procedure Checklist

Criminal Law Checklist

Ethics Checklist

Evidence Checklist

Federal Taxation Checklist

Property Checklist

Secured Transactions Checklist

Torts Checklist

The last two checklists show a minimilist approach and more more detailed approach. I can't remember which of these checklists I actually used to study for the exam, but I suspect it was the longer version.

Wills and Trusts (long) Checklist

Wills and Trusts (short) Checklist


Anonymous said...

These are great. Thanks for the examples.

Anonymous said...

Bar Advisor, you are a lifesaver. Really like the checklists.

Anonymous said...

These are incredibly concise and useful. Thanks so much for sharing/

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is an entity on the web that appears to be trying to sell access to your outlines (not specifically your outlines). I found that entity first and since I saw the disclaimer RE non-commercial purposes, I figured your website (or some other link) had to be there). And then I found yours--Nice Job! As a taker of other state's bar exams, I too always gave my materials away!

Bar Advisor said...

Anonymous @ 2/13/11 -- That is not very cool that someone is trying to sell a LINK to my outlines. At least they did not steal the content itself. If you come back to this site, can you let me know (either with a comment or by email at baradvisor gmail com what this particular entity is? I'd like to have a chat with the people who run it.

Glad you found the outlines useful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bar Advisor:

I agree with all the comments above - really fantastic outlines! So grateful that you are willing to share! Just a quick question - are the checklists relevant for the Oregon Bar or California?

Many thanks!

Bar Advisor said...

Hey Anon @ 9/24/11 4:14pm:

The checklists were made for the Oregon Bar. But, any of the crossover topics (e.g., all the MBE stuff, federal Civ Pro, etc) could be used for the California bar, I think.

Matt (aka Bar Advisor)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your outlines! I used them to give my study materials a better structure. Checklists were fantastic for the last week or so and very helpful tools in quizzing myself on what I needed to study more. Thank you!

Bar Advisor said...

Anon @ 9/22/2012 -- Thanks for the kind words. Checklists are totally the way to go during the last bit of bar exam prep.

I am guessing that you passed the Oregon Bar Exam? Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea where I could find audio lectures (CD or MP3) of the Oregon specific topics without purchasing the whole Ameribar course? Thanks

Bar Advisor said...

@Anonymous 11/16/12

Sorry, I don't. Oregon being a minor jurisdiction, it is hard to find a la carte audios of subject lectures. If you find something, please post a comment to let everyone know about them. Thanks.

Good luck on the exam.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how important it is to get Oregon specific content vs. just knowing the multistate stuff really well? It's hard to find used materials.

Bar Advisor said...

@Anonymous 11/29/2012

According to the Oregon bar website, here are the subjects tested:

(a) Administrative Law (Oregon and
Federal Law)
(b) Agency
(c) Civil Procedure (Oregon and
Federal Law)
(d) Constitutional Law
(e) Contracts
(f) Corporations
(g) Criminal Law
(h) Criminal Procedure
(i) Evidence (Oregon and Federal
(j) Federal Income Taxation
(k) Legal Ethics (Oregon rules only)
(l) Partnerships
(m) Property
(n) Sales (UCC Article 2)
(o) Secured Transactions (UCC
Articles 1 & 9)
(p) Torts
(q) Trusts and Estates
(r) Wills

Thus, it appears that only 4 topics require Oregon-specific knowledge. While I would not recommend trying to take the bar exam without studying the Oregon law, it might be possible to pass without knowing it.

When I took the California bar exam after the Oregon bar, I saw that the corporations, wills and trusts, and many other sections were identical.

You can probably use my old outlines above to get most of the needed distinctions. I doubt the bar exam has changed much in 6 years, but, I could be wrong.

I seem to recall there were questions on Oregon legal ethics and Oregon Civ pro on my bar exam, so I would guess that you would get tested on at least one or two Oregon-specific subjects (but likely in the form of a cross over question, so you might be able to write a decent answes without too much reference to Oregon law).

Hope that helps...

Anonymous said...

Any chance you have the Agency, Corporations, and Partnership outlines. I don't seem to see those. Thanks for sharing all of this though!

Bar Advisor said...

Anonymous @12/13/12

I have an Agency/Corp/Partnership outline for the California bar exam. I believe the law tested in Oregon and California on those topics is virtually identical, so you can probably use it.

Go to my California Bar exam outlines and download the "Business Associations" outline.

Anonymous said...

Hey--I wanted to thank you for your help. I used your outlines, along with some Barbri CDs and outlines for multistate, to self study for the Oregon bar in February, and passed! Thanks so much for sharing your outlines.

Bar Advisor said...

@Anonymous 8/12/2013 -- thanks for the note.

It's good to know that even though I made those outlines in 2006, they are still useful. Congratulations on becoming a member of the Oregon bar!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I took the CA Bar in 2006, and since I haven't been in study mode for 10 years, I find myself more hesitant about taking the OR bar. Any advice or insight is much appreciated. Thank you!

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