Should you take bar topic courses in law school?

At least one study says there is no correlation between taking bar courses in law school and passing the bar exam.

The correlation that exists is that people who do well in law school generally pass the exam at a high rate, while people who do poorly in law school generally pass at a lower rate.

While I am surprised that there is not a greater correlation between bar exam passage and taking bar topic courses in law school, I am NOT surprised that there is a strong correlation between success in law school and success on the bar exam.

It should not come as a surprise that people who figured out how to study and pass tests in law school should be able to figure out how to study and pass the bar exam.

What the study shows is that diligence in one's studies and test preparation is a transferrable skill.

Regardless of the results of this study, I would still take as many bar courses as possible during law school. There is, in my opinion, no harm in being exposed to the bar exam topics as many times as possible before the Big Test.


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