Terminator vs. the California Bar

Are you sure you really want to be a lawyer in California?

The governor of our great state has just vetoed legislation that would allow the Bar to collect annual dues from its members. Governor Schwarzenegger has called the Bar "overly political, unresponsive … and inefficient." The amazing thing is that, according to this article, this is NOT the first time a governor of California has slapped the Bar in this manner!  Even more astonishing . . . the current president of the California Bar calls Schwarzenegger's concerns "legitimate."  Damn.

Well, at least I'll have an extra $410 next year, though at the cost of my pride.

Epilogue:  Another great quote from Ah-nold -- "The conduct of the State Bar itself must be above reproach," Schwarzenegger wrote in his veto. "Regrettably, it is not."


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