SkyMall helps you pass the bar!

So, I was returning from a business trip to San Francisco, and to pass the time on the airplane, I flipped through the SkyMall catalog. You know, that crazy compendium of the ridiculous, sublime, and highly practical.

I came across what its inventors/marketers call a "bar prep supplement." It is a board game called Passing The Bar. According to the description in the SkyMall catalog, "your favorite law student will spend time studying, in an enjoyable, fun setting." (At least it does not claim the studying itself is enjoyable and fun.) The game includes 350 MBE question cards and 100 "justice cards" about the law in popular culture. You can even buy another 450 card set.

Passing the Bar
I have not seen or played the game. It might actually be helpful for passing the bar; maybe this is a novel approach to the study group? Still, it seems more like a party game for, let's say, "tipsy" 2Ls and 3Ls. But, every little bit helps.


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