BarBri iPhone and iPod Touch App

It looks like BarBri has launched an iPhone/iPod Touch app that lets you practice and study for law school exams. It also lets you compete against fellow law students to test your knowledge about legal issues. More importantly for our purposes, it looks like BarBri has a similar pay-for-use App (called "BarBri Mobile") that will allow you to study for the bar exam.

If this seems interesting to you and you are still in law school or have time before you need to make a choice about which bar review course to take, I would suggest downloading the free App and seeing if you like the interface. If you do, it might be worth it to do your bar review using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

My main concerns with studying for the bar using a mobile device are: (1) that it will be very easy to slide into some sort of distractive behavior, such as browsing the web rather than studying (see my discussion of eliminating distractions) and (2) that it will encourage studying in short bursts rather than in focused blocks of time necessary to gain the stamina to pass the bar exam (see my discussion on anticipation of conditions).

Here is how BarBri describes the App on its website:

The BARBRI App, now available on iTunes, delivers the BARBRI Challenge and BARBRI course materials to your iPhone® or iPod touch®. Study outlines between classes. View a lecture over lunch. Do a last-minute review right before a test. The BARBRI App is that convenient!

The BARBRI Challenge is a quiz game that tests your legal knowledge. Play solo, or challenge law students across the country to multi-player games. You don’t need to be registered for BARBRI to download the BARBRI Challenge - it’s free for everyone.

When you enroll in BARBRI as a 1L, 2L or 3L, the BARBRI App gives you lectures, outlines, and practice questions for your final exams and the MPRE. Load them onto your iPhone (3G or later) or iPod touch, and you’re ready to study anytime, anywhere. When it’s time to study for the bar exam, you can upgrade to BARBRI Mobile for an additional fee.


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