Funny Bar Exam Tweets, Part II

As promised, here are the rest of the #barexam and #barbri tweets I collected during the run up to the July 2010 bar exam:

And my favorite (though totally inexplicable):

(If you missed Part I of the Funny Bar Exam Tweets, click HERE.)


Funny Bar Exam Tweets, Part I

During the July 2010 bar exam season, I was following the #barexam and #barbri hashtags on Twitter.  Some people are really funny out there.  Here is a sample of what I saw:

Part II in a few days ...


Free MPT Practice Samples

Today I was answering an email from someone asking about study advice for the Oregon bar exam.  One of the questions was:  if I am not taking BarBri, where can I get MPT samples to practice with?

I did a little investigating, and was able to discover that the NCBE has some former MPTs and "score sheets" on their website.  Here is the link (once you get there, scroll down).  Although the "score sheets" are not actual responses, it does give you an outline form of what the graders are looking for.

For those of you in MPT jurisdictions, it would probably be worth a look at the NCBE site to see if these practice answers will be of any help to you in studying for the bar exam.

You can also find MPT practice materials on

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