Locating Self-Study Bar Exam Materials

If you are interested in studying for the bar exam on your own without taking a professional prep course, you should start looking for used bar prep material when bar exam results come out in your jurisdiction.  As I post this, people in most states have received their results.

As more and more people get the good news that they passed the bar exam in their jurisdiction, they will be more than willing to part with their prep materials.  Although some people will burn them on a pyre and chant devilish incantations while drinking heroic quantities of alcohol, many will try to make a few bucks by selling them.  So, now is the time to start looking on craigslist and all4jds to buy used bar exam materials.  Usually, you can get bar prep material for 50-75% off the list price.

Also, if you have some friends who just passed the bar exam, ask them if they will give you their prep materials.  In their euphoric state, they may not realize they could sell the stuff for a few hundred dollars.

[Photos:  Neal.'s & Dominic's Pics]


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