Twitter and the Bar Exam

In a prior post, I wrote about how I think blogging while you study for the bar exam is a bad idea.  It serves at best as a distraction and at worst a time-sucking, anxiety-producing endeavor.

Twitter, on the other hand, seems like a very useful tool.  It requires very little effort to set up a Twitter account.  You do not have to post any tweets ever if you don't want to, so you can lurk and soak up information with no need to reciprocate.  You simply set up your account, using your real name or an alias, and then start following people who interest you. (For a detailed guide for Twitter newbies, check out this informative post.)

Now, just like blogging, you can get sucked into the Twitter-sphere (Twitter-verse?) and waste huge amounts of time, so you should set some parameters for its use when you are studying for the bar exam.  Such as:  no reading Twitter except  in the evenings after you have finished studying for the day.  (If you have lots of will power, you might check Twitter during your lunch break, but don't lose track of time!)  Although Twitter has made its reputation for the immediacy of information transfer, there are ways you can be sure not to miss anything.

First, you can follow people who offer bar exam study tips.  One of the best that I have seen is @emanuelbarprep.  These tips are everything from quick nuggets about tested topics to links to more extensive blog posts.  I sometimes post these sorts of tips as well.  You can follow me at @barexammind.  If you know of good people to follow, please share in the comments below or send me an "@ reply" from your Twitter account and I'll retweet it.

Another great way to get information is to search hashtags.  If you are unfamiliar with a hashtag, it is using the # symbol before a word.  Then, you can use the Twitter search on the Twitter home page to find all posts with that hashtag.  During the bar exam, the two most popular hashtags to follow are #barexam and #barbri.  Other hashtags include #MBE and the symbol of your state + "bar", such as #cabar [california bar] and #nybar [new york bar].

Third, Twitter is a great way to blow off steam.  If something or someone is bothering you, you can tweet about it.  Releasing that stress if very helpful to having a positive frame of mind while studying.  Just be careful not to say anything you will regret later. Check out some great tweets HERE and HERE.

Finally, if you find that you enjoy Twitter, it is great to use for marketing and networking once you become a lawyer.  By connecting with others in the legal field during your bar exam studies, you will already have a jump on the competition.

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