The Law of Attraction and the Bar Exam

There are a lot of gurus out there who talk about (and sell products related to) the Law of Attraction.  Typically, they sell the idea of learning how to attract wealth to yourself.  It seems, though, you can use the principles behind the Law of Attraction to help you pass the bar exam.

In brief, the Law of Attraction means that whatever you put into the universe will be reflected back to you.  In other words, whatever you think about the most or expect on the deepest level will come into your life.  So, if you are afraid of failing the bar exam and constantly worry on that fear, then it is more likely that you will fail.  [If such constant worries are a problem for you, see my post about conquering fear.]  On the other hand, if you believe you are destined to be a lawyer and will make a good lawyer, then it is more likely you will pass the bar exam because it is a required step on the road to becoming a lawyer.

One way to attract good things (like passing the bar exam) into your life is to practice positive visualization.  I have explained this process elsewhere and recommend that you incorporate visualization into your bar exam study plan.


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