Study It All: Lessons from a Bar Exam FUBAR

I went to lunch with a fellow associate yesterday.  She told me that one of her friends failed the July 2010 California bar exam.  She got her results and did fine on the essays and the performance test, but received a very low score on the MBE.  I expressed my sympathies, and asked if her friend knew what went wrong.  My colleague said, "Yes, she knows exactly what went wrong.  She didn't do any practice MBE questions."  Ouch!

It may be tempting to short-change MBE practice.  Once you study the MBE topics for the essay portion of the exam, you will have a good knowledge of the substantive law in those six areas. (Click here for my free MBE outlines.)  But, as I have written about before, the MBE is not primarily a test of your knowledge, but rather a test of how well you take tests.  The MBE questions are designed to force you into logic games and reading of tea leaves.  I think this is ridiculous and unfair, but until the bar examiners change how they do things, we have to adapt.

So, just make sure you do lots of MBE practice.  As you are probably well aware, you get MBE practice questions with BarBri, and can take preparation courses focused exclusively on the MBE, such as PMBR and Adaptibar [click here for $50 off Adaptibar].  You can also check out Steve Emanuel's highly-regarded Strategies and Tactics for the MBE.

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