Bar Exam Study is Overwhelming ... At First

As I post this, BarBri -- the most popular of the bar review courses -- has or is about to begin for the February 2011 bar exam.  For all you first time bar takers out there, I am sure that one of the most common feelings at the start of bar review is to feel overwhelmed.  This feeling is made worse by staring at the 18-inch thick stack of BarBri course books when you first receive them.

As you begin to attend lectures and read through the course materials, this feeling of being overwhelmed will likely increase; at least, it did for me when I studied for the first of my bar exams (Oregon).  It probably took me about a week and a half to settle into a routine where I thought I was learning something each day and not feeling distraught about how much I still had to learn.  It took a week and a half to actually believe that I could learn enough to pass the bar.  After that, I just had to plug away and stay on schedule

Even so, it was still a few more weeks (three or four) before I believed I would learn enough to pass the bar exam.  This was a great, breakthrough moment for me.  A "light at the end of the tunnel" moment.  You will get there too if you are conscientious and dogged in your bar exam preparations.

Finally, it was probably about 10 days before the bar exam, as I was reviewing criminal law for the millionth time, that I was able to say to myself, "If I took the bar today, I am pretty sure I would pass."  After that, my worry was not about failing to learn enough, but was actually about forgetting what I had already learned before the bar exam date!

Make your own luck.  Study hard.  You'll get there.


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