Replace the bar exam?

A while back, I wrote about an article in the Oregon Bar Bulletin about allowing people to waive into the bar if they go to law school in the state in which they practice or, if they move in from out of state, participate in a pro bono program for a few months before waiving in.

Well, the Oregon Bar Bulletin is at it again.  This time suggesting that candidates for the bar be given the choice between taking the bar exam and serving in a pro bono apprenticeship program.  If a person chose the pro bono route, it would require them to serve in a pro bono capacity for a few months.  That way, they could gain lawyering skills while under the supervision of experienced attorneys while helping out people who normally cannot afford legal help. 

The author sums it up like this:  "It is time — past time — for the leadership of the bar to work with the leaders of Oregon’s law schools to formulate and present to the bar and the Oregon Supreme Court a solid proposal for letting all Oregon bar applicants choose between the bar exam route or one involving supervised pro bono practice. Let’s take a novel approach to the pro bono shortage."

It seems like it is past time for all states to consider this option.  I certainly would have liked to have this choice.

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