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A couple days ago, I learned about  It provides an easy way to make online flashcards that you can access whenever you want.  You can also search the existing database of bar exam flashcards and practice with any of them.  When you practice with the cards, the site keep statistics tracking how well you are doing.

While I think it is better to make your own flashcards, if you can find a well-crafted set of flashcards at, it could save you a lot of time. And, if you are comfortable reviewing flashcards on a computer, you don't have to lug around pounds of cumbersome index cards.

Here is a sample of cards available for the bar exam (sorry, the embed link would not let me shrink the window to fit fully in this column):

CA Bar Exam flashcards from sethreagan on FlashcardDB.


devon said...

Check out a new flashcards website,, Cloud sync, study on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Support text, image and audio flash cards.

Bar Advisor said...

Looks pretty cool, Devon. Thanks for the link.

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