More Bar Exam Test Day Tips

Elsewhere on this blog, I wrote my list of bar exam test day tips.  I think the tips are useful, but one anonymous commenter called that post:  "Quite possibly the worst advice I've ever read regarding how to take a bar examination."

So, just in case you agree with him/her, I have compiled a list of resources below containing bar exam test day tips:

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Editable California Bar Exam Outlines

I provide PDF versions of my California bar exam outlines for free to anyone who wants them.  Click here to be taken to the free outlines.

The FREE PDFs are great, but maybe you want some more control?

Maybe you want to have pre-typed outlines based on BarBri lectures that you can modify as you study for the bar?

Maybe your brain works a little differently than mind did and you want to rearrange the contents of the PDF outlines?

For only $37, you can buy newly-updated versions of these outlines in Microsoft Word format for easy editing.

Just head on over to my other site to learn how to get newly-updated California bar exam outlines.
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