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If you are having trouble with the performance test portion of the bar exam, you might want to check out this sample PT (PDF) that has been annotated by the tutors over at Bar Exam Doctor.

The PT was written for the 2009 California Bar Exam and received a below passing score of 55.  The comments generally suggest more incorporation of "buzz words" and remembering to cover all prongs and elements.  This is good advice for all jurisdictions that have a performance test element to the bar exam.

If you happen to be studying for the California bar, why not download a copy of the 2009 PT B question and practice a complete response.  Then, compare your answer with the model answer provided by the California bar and the 55 answer from Bar Exam Doctor.  You will then see more clearly what you need to work on.

Bar Exam Doctor provides some other same PTs on its home page.  Click this link and scroll down a bit.



Anonymous said...

Great info. Thanks.

Bar Advisor said...


Glad it could help. Let me know how your PT preparations go.

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