Cool MBE Test Tip

I recently asked alumni from my law school for advice on passing the bar exam. 

I posted a summary of that advice over here.

But, people continue to leave advice.

One person left a particularly interesting comment about how to take the MBE exam.  I probably would not do it this way, but it sounds really interesting and might work for you.

Here is what she said:

I realized part of the anxiety everyone felt [about the MBE] was jumping around from topic to topic. Instead of following their pattern, I took the first ten minutes to scan each question and identify whether it was torts, con law, etc. Then I did all of the sections together.

I knew property had the longest questions so I did those last. This way you're hedging your answers to your strongest subject matters. Additionally, your brain works on sixteen evidence questions in a row rather than skipping around. You needn't follow their system to beat it.

I think this MBE strategy could help someone who is willing to use 10 minutes of the 3 hour exam block to sort through the questions.  Since most people practice MBE questions one subject at a time, this could be a very effective way of marrying practice testing with application.

What do you think about this MBE test tip?


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Anonymous said...

Interesting, but sounds like a lot of work!

Bar Advisor said...

Yeah, I don't think that I would have tried this when I took the bar exam, but everyone's brain works differently....

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