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If you are looking for some extra help passing the California bar exam, be sure to check out  It is an awesome service that has collected a ton of real, graded essays and performance tests for you to review and learn what the California bar graders are looking for in a passing answer.

Check out my video review for more information.


Bar Exam Quick Tip: Review Outlines

When you first start preparing your bar exam outlines, you often worry whether they are good enough to pass the bar exam. The best way to get rid of that anxiety is to look at outlines that prior bar exam passers used.

MBE outlines:
California Bar Outlines:
Oregon Bar Outlines:


Study for the California Bar Exam for $500 or Less!

This post is for all the people out there who have to take the California bar exam.

We all know that it costs a lot of money to take a bar prep course, even the "cheap" courses.

Fortunately, it is possible to study for the bar exam without breaking the bank.

I managed to spend "only" $1395 when I studied for the California bar exam.

What I didn't know at the time was that it is possible to spend much less.

To help you explore all the money-saving options, I put together a quick report about how to prepare for the California bar exam for $500 or less.

You can download it here.

It is a quick read and has lots of links to great resources.

If you find it valuable, please pass it along to anyone who you think might like it.
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