Review of Dominate the Bar Flashcards

I recently received a review copy of the Dominate the Bar MBE flashcards from the good folks at

There are a lot of bar exam flashcard options out there, and Dominate the Bar is certainly worth considering.

The more than 900 flashcards come in seven groups, corresponding to the MBE categories:  Contracts, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Torts, and Real Property.  These sets give a thorough overview of the law tested in each area.

While I have not been able to review each card individually, the cards I did review have accurate statements of the law and provide good examples applying the law.   What I really liked about these cards is that they are concise, the way flashcards should be, and not filled with overblown, complicated explanations better suited for a long-form bar review outline.

Each card has numbers front and back.  This is so that you can keep the cards in order since often they build on each other or provide follow-up examples.  I would recommend keeping them in order the first couple times you review them, and then decide how you want to start mixing them up.  I would recommend mixing them up at some point, since reviewing flashcards in the same order every time is akin to reading an outline from start to finish and does not train your recall as well as randomized flashcard review.  (I should note that in a few instances, the answer on the back of one card will be continued on the next card, so you will need to keep those cards together.)

The pictures below show an example of how the cards interrelate.  The first card (no. 57) asks you to explain the basic rule for when a witness can be impeached, while the next card (no. 59) gives you an example fact pattern to apply the impeachment rules.

The cards themselves are printed on quality stock, which should survive even hundreds of viewings.  You can also write on the cards with a ballpoint pen or a pencil if you want to add extra information to the cards, such a mnemonic or reference to a larger outline or bar review book.

If Dominate the Bar flashcards sound like something for you, you can get them directly from or from Amazon.  There is also a smartphone app if you prefer digital format over paper.


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