Bar Exam Podcasts

Here is a list of some podcasts about the bar exam:

Bar Exam Mind podcast:  This is my own podcast.  I talk about how to have a good mindset for the bar exam, how to study for the bar exam, and offer some advice about exam day.  No set publication schedule for new episodes.  I add an episode when I think I have something useful to offer.

I Passed My Bar Exam podcast:  My friend Dustin Saiidi has been doing his podcast since 2011, and has been updating it regularly.  His last few episodes are a series of really helpful interviews.  Check it out.  [You might also be interested in Dustin's Bar Exam Mental Edge hypnosis/visualization program too.]

Celebration Bar Review YouTube channel:  This is not strictly a podcast, but is a YouTube channel filled with all sorts of helpful videos about the bar exam.  Topics include myths of the bar exam, how to study, and discussions of mindset and related topics.

Arizona State University bar prep podcast:  This was last updated in 2009 and has some Arizona specific information.  But, the podcast is a series of lectures by law school faculty about various subject areas covered on the bar exam.  If you are having trouble with a particular area of law, you might want to listen to the episode covering that area.


Do you know of any podcasts or YouTube channels I should add to the list?  Leave a comment below.


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