The Final Countdown—Your Last Two Weeks

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Today we have a guest post from Diana over at Themis Bar Review to help you get through these final two weeks of bar exam prep.

Take it away, Diana.


There are just two weeks left until the biggest exam of your life and you’re a wreck.  By this point, you’ve given up on that exercise regimen, you’ve stopped eating healthy food, you may have even stopped changing your clothes every day.  One minute you’re outlining the hearsay exceptions, the next, you’ve convinced yourself they’re all actually nonhearsay.  Your parents are worried, your pets are starving for affection, and you feel like a total stranger to yourself.  

Don’t worry, you’re fine!  Hundreds of thousands of lawyers have gone through this rite of passage and many, many more will after you.  You’re in really good company.

With only a couple of weeks left, you may be losing steam.  But remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Now is the time to dig deep and finish strong. YOU CAN DO THIS.  And, to help you with that final push to the finish line, I have 5 tips inspired by my iTunes library to make sure you do.

1.  Let it Be

Add listening to this Beatles classic to your to-do list every day from now until the exam. You can’t possibly learn everything.  No one can.  If the Rule Against Perpetuities is still a blurry mess in your brain, move on.  There’s really no use obsessing over an issue you’re not grasping.  You’ve been reading outlines and practicing questions for weeks.  You’ve been listening to lecture after lecture.  One tricky rule of law is not going to make or break you on the exam. And believe it or not, more rules will sink in and click in your mind these last two weeks than your whole first month studying.  You’ve learned more than you realize.  Do not dwell on what you don’t know.  Trust in what you do know. 

2.  Don’t Speak

Hush, hush darlin’.  Now is not the time to debate your practice essay answers with your friends.  Chances are, your answers are going to be different and there’s no need to freak yourself or your friends out.  It’s only two weeks.  Focus on yourself, your studies, the fresh air, etc., and don’t let yourself be distracted by other test takers.

3.  99 Problems

Jay-Z didn’t pass the bar, but take this song as advice and practice 99 bar review problems every day.  Maybe 99 is a bit high, but you get the idea.  Even if you’re sick of practicing your essays and multiple choice questions, you cannot stop now.    At this point all the information you need is in your brain; practicing will help you recall it faster and more efficiently.  Practicing will also help you become comfortable with how the rules tend to be tested in your jurisdiction and doing so under exam conditions will perfect your timing.  If you’re in a jurisdiction with a performance test on the exam, practice at least one more of those in these final weeks. With only two weeks left, you need to keep practicing until all you can see around you are potential torts and crimes, and then practice some more.  Do 99 problems and failing won’t be one.

4.  Lay Down

So listen good, cause I’m tellin’ it straight.  You don’t got no more time to waste.  You need to focus on yourself in these last days.  The last thing you want is to be sick for the exam.  Get your rest, eat healthy, stay away from sick people, and take care of yourself.  There is no greater barrier to your success than exhaustion, or the flu.  

5.  Breathe

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel, you shout, cause you’re just as far in as you’ll ever be out.  You’ve studied so hard and it’s all about to pay off.  This exam will not conquer you.  (And, remember, even if you don’t pass this exam, you can take it again in July. That’s not the end of the world.) That’s it.  Just breathe.

If I had a sixth song on my iPod, it would be called “You’re Going to Get Your Life Back Soon, Just You Wait,” and probably Beyonce would sing it and it would be at the top of the charts.  You’ve been diligently studying for so long, being the boring one who can’t go to parties and movies and the mall like everyone else.  But remember that it’s going to pay off.  Just think, by the end of this month, you will be FREE!    You can waste time watching all the YouTube videos and reading all the Facebook statuses you’ve been missing.  You can do WHATEVER.  That’s what’s waiting for you at the other side of this test.  Your life!  So, buckle down and make these last couple weeks count.  Own this test.  Then, sit back and enjoy being human again.

Have some awesome iTunes-inspired study tips of your own?  Share them with us by commenting below!

About the Author:
Diana Belair is the Managing Editor and a Regional Director at Themis Bar Review.  She is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School and is licensed in both Colorado and Massachusetts. In her spare time, she loves creating awesome playlists for her iPod, reading the Blue Book, and learning Beyonce’s latest dance moves.


Thanks, Diana!

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