Bar Exam Basics -- Free Ebook

If you are getting ready to take the bar exam, make sure you have all the basics taken care of to ensure your best chance of success.

To help you do this, subscribe to the Bar Exam Mind newsletter and get your free copy of the 54-page ebook, Bar Exam Basics:  Foundational Bar Exam Tips.

PS -- If you don't want to sign up for the newsletter, you can buy a copy of the book for your Kindle or Kindle-enabled device for only $2.99.


Bar Exam Affirmations

Ever thought about using affirmations to help you create a positive bar exam mindset? Here is a collection of ten bar exam affirmations to get you started:


Smarter Review -- Cheat Sheets

Smarter Review is a company that prides itself on making bar exam studying more efficient.

If you need a quick resource for the MBE or for the New York bar exam, check out Smarter's Review's new Cheat Sheets.

Here is how the folks over at Smarter Review describe their Cheat Sheets product:

Because the materials are so focused, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll be able to learn the law and ace your practice. No other bar review product gets you ready after only a few weeks of study. As a result, these materials have been called, “bar review anti-materials.”  (Source:

If efficient bar prep sounds good to you, check it out.

And, if you decide to buy, don't forget to use my discount code BarAdvisorInsider to save 15% off the purchase price.

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