MBE Cheat Sheet from Smarter Review

I recently received a review copy of The MBE Cheat Sheet from Smarter Review.

The Cheat Sheet is billed as a collection of concise outlines that only include the most tested areas of law so that you can know enough to pass without becoming overwhelmed.

In fact, the introduction to the book says "Whenever you find yourself inundated with too much law to learn, simply skip your assigned lectures or reading and study the Cheat Sheet instead."

The Cheat Sheet says that it omits the subpoints of law that are rarely, if ever tested, and gives you only the points you need to pass.

I have not surveyed the MBE questions over the past decade, so do not know if the assertion made by the Cheat Sheet authors is correct.  However, I have reviewed the outlines, and I agree that they cover the major points of law for the bar exam.  Any subpoints should be easy to learn by reading the answer explanations to practice MBEs and by practicing essays.

The outlines themselves are well-written and concise.  They are not outlines in the traditional sense, but are written as paragraphs, typically providing a few sentences explaining the law (e.g., the elements of a tort) followed by a brief example applying the law to a set of facts.

It seems to me that the ideal user of the Cheat Sheet is someone who only has a few weeks to study or who has taken and passed a bar exam before and does not need a full-blown review course.  It could also act as a supplement to a substantive review course.  If you find the materials provided by your bar review to be difficult to understand, the Cheat Sheet might be what you need to help you make sense of it.

I did wish that each chapter's table of contents had page numbers associated with each heading to allow me to find topics more quickly, but other than that, the book was easy to read and use.

You can get the Cheat Sheet at or for a much lower price at  And, if you use my code "BarAdvisorInsider" when you order at, you will get 15% off your purchase price.


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